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For me, both horsemanship and photography share a profound connection: resonance with the subject. As a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in 1982, I pursued a robust career in commercial photography in San Francisco. However, it was my involvement with my family's working cattle ranch and the relationships I built with neighboring ranchers and their families over the past 40 years that ignited my passion for capturing the essence of western life.

Raised with a horse named Missy, I always felt a connection to the western lifestyle. As an adult I found myself drawn back to it, documenting the timeless essence of cowboys, ranchers, and their families.

Using various cameras from 35mm to 4”x 5” and available lighting, my approach emphasizes building trust and understanding with my subjects. Through my images, I aim to honor their dignity and the rich heritage they preserve.

This collection, "Contemporary Western Images" reflects not only my artistic legacy but also a profound respect for the lives and work of those depicted. Join me in experiencing their world through my lens.


Julie Chase Baldocchi

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Julie Chase Baldocchi

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